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Nanxi Ai

Design Inclusive Extraordinary

Founder, Design Director

Nanxi Ai is a visionary designer who believes that textiles can create transformative and inclusive experiences. Fueled by an unrelenting passion for the humanities and neurodiversity, Nanxi envisions a world where every sensory encounter is not just acknowledged but celebrated.

Nanxi's journey to create this studio was deeply influenced by an exhaustive exploration of the sensory lives of the autistic community. Recognizing that materials possess a unique language that communicates with them, and inappropriate designs can harm their well-being, Nanxi embarked on a transformative journey. She reimagined design as a collaborative process involving diverse individuals with distinct sensory experiences and differences.

Her practice spans fine arts, fashion, jewelry, textiles, automotive materiality design, and business. Graduating from the prestigious Central Saint Martins with a focus on textile design and human-centered design principles, she has created many projects that truly resonate with individuals and align strategically with organizational success. Her ability to bridge creative and research disciplines has directed numerous award-winning projects, and she has worked for a number of renowned luxury brands across various industries, from fashion and interiors to automobiles.

She currently serves as an automotive bespoke materiality designer at Range Rover SV Bespoke of Jaguar Land Rover, conducting bespoke design and insights for exclusive clients around the world. Collaborating with the commercial team and world-class manufacturing suppliers, she delivers modern luxury design from a sketch to final production. Her role involves enabling creativity to align with corporate strategy and profitability, breaking the boundaries between automotive space and the arts.

"INCRO’s journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to weaving inclusive design principles into the very fabric of textile design, positioning them as pioneers in this ever-evolving field".  
                                                         ---- Design Insider

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